The objective of this document is to state the requirements for business practice and personal conduct which apply to everybody working for Cement Company of Northern Nigeria PLC.




1.1 CCNN will conduct its business in a fair and ethically justifiable manner within the framework of relevant laws and regulations. This applies to relations with customers, suppliers, competitors and third parties.


1.2 CCNN will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of its products by meeting agreed and legal standards for product quality and information.


1.3 CCNN’s business information will be communicated accurately and fully. All accounting information shall be correct, registered in accordance with laws and regulations and produced in line with relevant accounting standards.


1.4 CCNN will show respect for all individuals and make active efforts to ensure good working environment characterized by equality and not accepting any discrimination based on gender, religion, age, disability, political views and national or ethnic origin.


1.5 CCNN is committed to improve the employees’ skills and capabilities aiming at creating the right conditions to fulfil present and future requirements.


1.6 CCNN will contribute to a better society by supporting local communities.


1.7 CCNN is committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and safety standards to continuously improve the environmental performance and ensure healthy and safe working conditions.





2.1     CCNN’s employees must abide by applicable laws and regulations and carry out their duties in accordance with the requirements and standards that apply in CCNN.


2.2     CCNN’s employees shall not participate in any activities that are in conflict with the interest of CCNN. A conflict arises when the employee’s personal, social, financial or political activities have the potential to interfere with his or her loyalty or objectivity vis-a-vis the Company. The employees shall report all potential conflicts of interest immediately to the management of CCNN.


2.3     CCNN’s employees shall protect CCNN’s property and assets against loss, damage and abuse.


2.4     CCNN’s employees must not, directly or indirectly, accept gifts except for promotional items of minimal value normally bearing a company logo. Other gifts may be accepted in situations where it would clearly give offence to refuse, in which case the gift must be handed over immediately to CCNN and will be regarded as CCNN property.


2.5     CCNN’s employees must not use specific information capable of affecting the CCNN share price and which is not publicly available and generally known to the market, i.e. “insider information”, to directly or indirectly trade in the CCNN share. Holders of insider information relevant to the CCNN share price shall only pass this information to individuals who need this information in their work for CCNN.


2.6     CCNN’s employees are not permitted to be under the influence of intoxicating substances, including alcohol, while at work.


2.7     CCNN’s employees shall not disclose sensitive, restricted or confidential information that may harm CCNN’s business or reputation, to unauthorised personnel in CCNN or to personnel outside CCNN. Enquiries from media, financial analysts or investors should be directed to the Corporate Affairs Officer. Other employees who need to make public statements shall co-ordinate these in an appropriate way with the Corporate Affairs Officer.